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Hi there, and a warm welcome to The Total Garage – where garages become more than just a place to park your car. Imagine walking into your garage and finding nothing but neatness, order, and a touch of class. That’s what we’ve been crafting for over 30 years for folks just like you. We’re all about transforming that often-neglected space into a highly functional part of your home sweet home.

Who Are We?

Think of us as your garage fairy godparents. Our team here at The Total Garage is made up of seasoned pros who have a knack for turning cluttered into classy. Whether you’re looking for swoon-worthy flooring that can take a beating, ingenious ways to organize your gear, or clever storage solutions to free up space, we’re here to help. We love big ideas for any size project, and we’re all about making those ideas come to life.

What Do We Stand For?

In this corner of the world, we have a simple philosophy that guides us – be bold, be brilliant, and always have our customer’s back. We get it, change can be daunting, but with a sprinkle of innovation, the finest materials, and a pile of dedication to you, we make that change exciting. Making your garage more than just bearable – but downright enjoyable – is what puts a spring in our step.

Ready to Reimagine Your Garage Space?

If your garage is crying out for a little (or a lot) of TLC, and you’re ready to reclaim it as a usable, enjoyable space, we’re just a call or click away. After all, you’ve turned your house into a home… now’s the time to give your garage the same kind of love. And hey, the next time you pull in with your car, we promise you’ll do so with an extra ounce of pride.

Ready for a garage that matches your home’s style and your lifestyle? Chat with us at The Total Garage and watch the magic happen on your own turf.

Thinking about giving your garage a brand-new face? Here’s why you’ll want us on your team:

We’ve been in the garage revamp game long enough to know the ins and outs like the back of our hand. Every project is more than just a job to us—it’s a canvas where we merge our know-how with your vision.

Your garage, your rules! We believe a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. That’s why we’re all ears, listening to your needs and carving out custom storage solutions that slot perfectly into your life.

Quality? Non-negotiable. We shake hands only with top-tier manufacturers because we want what’s housing your tools to be as sturdy as what’s in your toolbox.

And hey, we get it—the process sounds intimidating. But we’re here to make it anything but. You’ll find a friend in us; we’ll walk you through each step, clutter to clarity, with clear conversations and a service smile.

Feeling the itch to reinvent your garage? Drop us a line. It costs nada to chat about transforming that space into your personal powerhouse.

Also, we’re hanging out on Facebook, where we share tidbits, transformations, and the kind of inspiration that might just spark your next big garage project. Give us a follow!

You know how a trusty garage can feel like a second home—making it a real haven means everything. That’s where our team at The Total Garage steps in. We’re way more than organization gurus – we’re the buddies you lean on to transform that space into a workshop that’s as hardworking as you are.

Whether you’re after a touch of expert know-how or that dash of creative flair, we’ve got your back. We totally get that a garage isn’t just a place to park—it’s where your weekend passions come alive, where every tool has its spot, and those grand reno plans become reality.

It’s time to crank up the tunes and get those hands dirty because, with us in your corner, bringing that garage upgrade out of your head and into your life is happening. Ready when you are!

Whether you’re looking to declutter, enhance your garage’s appearance, or increase your property’s value, The Total Garage is here to help make your vision a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation. Let’s transform your space together.