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Garage remodeling isn’t exactly a weekend carpenter’s dream project. You’ll need some considerable experience to ensure your finished garage functions securely and efficiently while also having a better appearance.

Avoid these 7 garage remodeling mistakes

Many crucial decisions and steps must be made while renovating a garage to achieve the most successful and satisfactory result possible.

Don’t make these frequent mistakes while starting your garage remodel.

1. Doing it yourself

Many homeowners will handle a garage remodeling on their own for a variety of reasons, including budgetary constraints, the belief that they have the necessary capabilities, and the satisfaction of completing their project.

Many homeowners have the challenge of working with a limited budget for a garage makeover. It’s advisable to wait until you can afford to have the project done correctly by a professional unless you have expertise with the toolbox.

According to a survey conducted by Zillow, a real estate and rental marketplace website in the U.S, roughly 40% of homeowners who completed a DIY project regretted doing so.

When it comes to DIY garage remodels, overestimating your ability level might lead to a disaster. When you add up the initial project cost and the cost of a professional to repair any mistakes, it may end up costing more than if you had engaged an expert in the first place.

2. Not having a comprehensive garage remodel plan

Starting a garage renovation without a comprehensive plan can result in a slew of problems. It’s critical to have a clear, attainable design plan in mind, the expertise to carry out the plan, as well as the necessary resources and tools.

For a newbie in garage remodel, encountering unexpected barriers is unavoidable. A thorough garage redesign will also demand a significant amount of time. You can expect the project to take longer (and cost more) than you intended, like any DIY renovation. So when it comes to garage remodeling, this is something worth contemplating.

Where will the contents of the garage be stored while the remodeling is underway? Are you willing to endure the inconvenience of not having access to your garage for a few weeks or longer?

The disadvantages of doing such a huge home improvement project on your own only emphasize the benefits of hiring a professional for your garage remodel.

When it comes to the intricacies and logistics of any garage remodel, a professional construction and home improvement company like The Total Garage in Idaho has more than enough experience. It will be worthwhile to entrust your garage remodel project to them.

3. Not hiring a reputable garage remodel company

So you’ve realized that a garage remodel is a project best left to the professionals because it’s just a little too much for you to tackle on your own.

When it comes to selecting a trustworthy contractor, a recommendation or positive review from a close relative, neighbor, friend, or coworker might be priceless. If that isn’t an option, looking out for garage remodeling companies online will most likely be your major means of deciding who to choose.

To make the best decision, take the time to do extensive research. Examine a contractor’s credentials and rating from Better Business Bureau and/or crowd-sourced review sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

Visit potential companies’ showrooms to get a feel of their service quality. Naturally, you’ll want to look through a garage makeover professional’s previous work portfolio. Get many offers and don’t be tempted by the lowest bid unless you’re certain the firm will do the greatest job.

It’s also a good idea to go with a company that has a long history and a proven track record.

4. Not effectively utilizing garage storage space

Garage remodeling - not using space effectivelyA poorly-designed garage remodel may leave you with insufficient space to function comfortably.

To reduce this risk, make the most of your garage’s two most underutilized spaces, namely the walls and overhead space. These two spaces have plenty of storage space that is simply waiting to be put to good use. The best storage solutions include Slatwall panels and overhead storage racks.

5. Not prioritizing a solid warranty

Among the many reasons you should entrust your garage remodeling to a well-established business is that they are more likely to offer a solid warranty. You don’t want to have a problem with your newly-remodeled garage a few months or a year after it’s been completed and not be able to get it fixed without spending extra money.

That is the peace of mind that a solid warranty provides, and it should be a major consideration in your decision when looking for a garage remodeling company. With formal warranties for our customers, The Total Garage confidently guarantees behind every service we provide and every piece of equipment we install.

6. Creating hazards in the garage

Garage remodeling can pose safety hazards that a newbie at home improvement may be unaware of.

Electrical work, as well as possibly some plumbing work, will almost certainly be required. Because garage doors are the single largest moving thing in your home, installing them properly necessitates skill and experience.

7. Disregarding garage aesthetics

A functional garage should go synonymously with an aesthetically pleasing garage. Choosing the appropriate colors for your garage’s cabinets, flooring, and Slatwall may transform your space into a vibrant home showpiece, in addition to the visual upgrade that higher quality materials bring.

Your garage lighting is also important. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference replacing that outdated bulb fixture with modern LED light bulbs can do to the mood and appearance of a garage.

Because so many people currently use their garage as their primary entrance, the garage door has basically replaced the front door. It is only proper then to give this bustling area the same level of attention and care as the rest of your home.

Trust the expert with your garage remodeling in Idaho

Avoid these common garage remodeling mistakes. Allow The Total Garage to handle the procedures and criteria necessary to have your garage up and running and looking much better than you could have imagined.

Set your garage remodeling rolling with a free design consultation and leave your coming project in the hands of qualified garage remodeling professionals.