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Generally, epoxy floor coatings are used for industrial and commercial flooring. It is used by applying them on concrete floors so you can have a high-quality, sturdy, and smooth surface that can withstand heavy loads and can last for several years to come.

Most warehouses, industrial sites, and commercial buildings depend on epoxy floors if they are looking to have a clean and safe environment for their products, equipment, and workforce. This material can also be used on a smaller scale for your home’s garage, and because of its many benefits, this is something that you should consider for your own home garage.

How to Prepare Epoxy Floor Coating

To make sure that epoxy coating adheres efficiently, it will require a clean and penetrable surface. Unfortunately, the epoxy coating will not bond properly in concrete floors that are polished or sealed. It is also important that the concrete floor is completely cured. Before you start applying epoxy floor coating, it is essential that you repair and patch any major chips and cracks on your concrete surface.

Additionally, you should also get rid of all the grease. It is highly recommended that you should ensure that the entire surface is thoroughly well prepared and cleaned before doing any epoxy coating application.

If you have old concrete, then you should test the surface to know if there are any prior layers of epoxy or any other materials that might have been applied previously. If you want to test for sealant, then simply pour some water into your concrete floor. It is expected that it will soak in. If it does not soak in, then most likely, the surface has been sealed, hence, it might not be appropriate to apply epoxy coating on them.

Also, it is also important to ensure that the temperature is suitable before you start applying an epoxy coating. Be sure that you follow all the recommendations and instructions from the manufacturer. An adverse temperature can likely cause the epoxy coating to peel and bubble.

Epoxy includes two liquids that you should mix before doing any application. After you are done mixing the product, you should apply them right away. If you take some time before applying it, then it could harden.

What Are the Formulations of Epoxy Primer?

epoxy floor maintenance idahoDepending on the product that you use, you might be required to apply a finisher coat and epoxy primer. Just like using paint, when applying a primer, you should let it settle for quite some time before applying the epoxy. When applying the primer, add some water to the floor and be sure that all the floors are covered. Use a roller pin on a pole in spreading the primer.

Then, spread the primer over the entire floor, and just put a thin layer of it. Wait for several hours until the primer is completely dry. Afterward, you are ready to apply the second coat. The same method is used when applying the finisher. The only exception is that there will be no water layer anymore.

What Are the Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating?

Compared to other traditional coatings used on concrete, epoxy floor coatings provide you with lots of advantages. The following are just some of them:

  • Fast and simple to install, does not require any layout, reducing any cutting additional adhesives, equipment, or special tools.
  • Provides you with a high-gloss surface that can improve the brightness of your interior.
  • Sturdy and easy to clean.
  • Provides you with a hard-wearing sturdy surface that can withstand heavy traffic.
  • Best for industrial and warehouse applications.
  • Offers you a seamless surface that can last for several years.
  • Resists liquids such as water and oil stains.
  • Offers a chemically resistant surface, making it perfect for manufacturing plants
  • Can be mixed with colors and paints to hide cracks and chips.
  • Can be used in various patterns to recognize walkable areas or make the driveways visible.
  • Provides improved safety when combined with anti-slip additives on the surface.
  • Can work with self-leveling products that are used in old or new concrete.
  • Requires less or no maintenance at all.
  • When used on existing concrete floors, wear and tear can be prevented.

How to Use Epoxy Floor Coating on a Garage

If you want your garage floor to look sturdy and attractive, then you should use garage floor epoxy. Sometimes people call this “epoxy paint,” but the fact is, paint and epoxy are two different products that are composed of unique chemical compositions.

Compared to paint, epoxy offers you a tougher coating. However, applying this can be a bit trickier. The key is proper preparation and a systematic approach. The guidelines on how to apply garage floor epoxy can differ from one product to another, which is why this is something that you should leave to a professional like The Total Garage.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Most often, you can find epoxy garage floor coating in kits that are composed of an etching solution, two-part epoxy, and instructions. Sometimes decorative color chips are also included.

Some products include an online link where you can find instructions. Unfortunately, you only have limited options for the colors. Most coatings come in gray, off-white, or brown. Be sure to check what is included in the kit so that you will know what other supplies you need.

How is Epoxy Floor Coating Prepared?

When using epoxy floor coatings, you can obtain great results if the surface on your concrete floor is in great shape, without any spells, chips, or cracks. It’s best if you have brand-new concrete slabs, although it can also work on older slabs if you have done proper repair and patching work.

You can easily repair any minor chips and cracks using any concrete patching product. Be sure that these patched areas are completely dry and cured prior to applying an epoxy coating. After patching, you should ensure that the concrete is properly degreased and etched, based on the instructions of the manufacturer of the epoxy.

Use a broom and a vacuum in cleaning and degreasing the floor. Be sure to clean all the debris from the floor. You will need a stiff brush and a degreaser to remove the grease. Get your garden hose and rinse the degreaser. Let the floor dry up completely.

The Total Garage installs epoxy flooring coatings on garage floors. They offer their services in various key cities in Idaho such as Nampa, Eagle, Melba, Boise, Caldwell, Middleton, etc.

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