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Do you know that your garage is one of the most valuable areas in your home? Although you do not give so much credit or attention to your garage, it can also be used for storing tools and other items, aside from parking your vehicle. Other people might even store lots of stuff in their garage.

Your garage is a very convenient place for storing your items since you can quickly get them anytime without the prying eyes of your guests. However, if your garage gets messy, you might only have a little space left for your vehicle. If you are having a hard time keeping your garage clean and well-organized, then the following tips can help you maximize the space while keeping everything in order.

Construct Garage Cabinets

If you don’t have any cabinets in your garage and you are keeping your items in boxes laid on the floor, then perhaps now is a perfect time that you should construct garage cabinets. A storage cabinet is a must for your garage since it can help keep things well-organized. If you are located in Kuna, Melba, Marsing, Homedale, Middleton, and other areas in Idaho, then The Total Garage can help you.

Make Use of Wall Space

Utilize the vacant wall space in your garage by mounting brackets, hooks, and wire shelves. You can use these for holding anything from camping gear to power tools. Utilizing the walls to keep all your items can help eliminate wasted space. At the same time, this can allow you to remove those huge storage containers that are taking up too much floor space in your garage.

Installing wall organizers is a great way to save space. Aside from cabinets, you can also use these hooks for hanging items on your walls. This can help remove the floor’s clutter while keeping your tools and other items more visible.

Install Ceiling or Overhead Storage

You can use your ceiling if you have already run out of wall space. For additional overhead storage, you can install ceiling-mounted racks. This is the ideal way of keeping your seasonal items while maintaining cleanliness in the eye-level areas in your garage. Just ensure that you use durable racks or have installed a safety net under them just in case you live in an earthquake-prone area.

You can find ceiling storage racks sold in home supply stores. However, you can also make one for yourself. These are great for storing seldom-used items such as holiday decorations. You can tuck them away while keeping your floor clutter-free.

Hang Your Bikes

It is great to have bicycles, especially if you have kids. However, they can take up a lot of space. Storing them inside might not be a good option, especially if they are covered with mud. It is also not advisable that you should leave them outside since they could be stolen, or they could easily get damaged by harsh weather conditions.

That is why it will make sense if you store them in the garage. Install bike hooks on the walls or ceiling of your garage and hang them. These can keep your large bikes out of the way.

Arrange Your Sports Equipment

Most often, these sports equipment, such as helmets, bats, balls, gloves, etc., has awkward shapes. Storing them in the garage is the best way to access them during game time easily. However, you can organize all these things using a cubby system. You can either purchase one, or you can construct one for yourself by using square cubbies that are big enough so a soccer ball can fit. In this way, you can store all your sports equipment neatly. By keeping them off the ground, you will have more space for your workbench and vehicle.

Utilize Pegboards for Tools

If your hobby is woodworking, you probably have set up a workbench with some tools in your garage. These setups are fun, handy, and functional; however, they can also be bulky. Work areas can be a burden if you only have a small garage. However, keeping them well-organized and tidy can help minimise the amount of space it occupies while ensuring that you can still use them.

Using wall-mounted pegboards can save you space since you can hang your tools and other safety equipment. This means you can remove the drawers cluttering your garage space. Using the floor as a storage space can make your garage look messy. Pegboards can help store your rakes and other tools in a clean and organized way.

Garage ideas - Get the most of your garage spaceBuild a Folding Workbench

Using your garage as a workshop, you can save some space by building a folding workbench. Choose the ones that can be folded after use and are wall mounted. It does not even look like you are using it. You can quickly build and install a collapsible workstation.

Use Magnetic Boards for Smaller Parts

If you are the type of person who loses bolts and nuts more frequently, then having a magnetic board can significantly help you and save you some time. Simply magnetize your small metal and steel parts on the board, especially if you are working on a project. These magnetic boards can also be used for keeping small things organized so you can prevent them from getting lost around the garage.

Use a Tool Tower

Yard work is essential to homeownership, whether you like it or not. To accomplish this job, you will need a lot of tools such as shovels, rakes, etc. However, these can take up a lot of space, especially if you do not organize them properly. Getting yourself a tool tower can prevent your tools from falling over and cluttering the space in your garage. You can find them at local home improvement stores.

Build a Mobile Working Area

Creating a work area with wheels is another great idea for saving space in your garage. Going mobile while working on your DIY projects or crafts can help make things easier. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to get stuck in a particular area. A mobile working table can also be used for storing your most frequently used tools.

Use Adjustable Shelving

If you are keeping seasonal items in your garages, such as clothes and decorations, using adjustable shelving allows you to move your storage boxes based on how frequently you need them. One great idea would be to use wooden strips and simply install open wall shelves. Place your items in large plastic containers that you can easily move around.

Storage solutions - toolsKeep Wires in One Place

If you have lots of wires in your garage, it can make the space look more cluttered. The best thing to do is tie these wires using zip ties. Or you can store everything in one drawer so you can easily find them.

If you need to maximize and organize your garage space, then The Total Garage can help you. We offer concrete coatings and build garage storage systems in Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, Boise, and other areas in Idaho.

If you want our free design consultation, you can contact us at 208-585-7171.