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You want your garage to look clean and organized. There is ample space to park your vehicles, and all the items are placed in their designated place. However, there is still something that keeps bothering you – the garage floors. They are filled with discoloration, stains, and chips everywhere.

The good news is these unpleasant sights can be prevented with epoxy flooring. The best solution to enhance the durability and appearance of your garage floor is epoxy coating. Epoxy can prevent stains and protect your garage floor from chips, cracks, and other damage types. Additionally, there are lots of options to choose from. This means you can select a color suitable for your garage and your lifestyle.

Are you getting tired of your stained floor? Do you want to improve the durability of your garage floor? If so, then the best solution is epoxy flooring. Keep on reading to know more about epoxy flooring and its benefits. Why should you use epoxy flooring in your garage?

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy garage floors can significantly change the entire color and appearance of your floor. Epoxy flooring is a protective coating that can help prevent damage and seal out moisture, making it easy for you to maintain your garage floor.

Some homeowners think that epoxy garage flooring is just the same as paint. Although some flooring paints include epoxy, flooring paints are entirely different from epoxy.

Also known as resinous flooring, epoxy flooring comprises several layers of thermosetting resin applied on a concrete surface. Concrete epoxy coatings contain polyamine hardeners and resin that thermosets the surface. That is why epoxy coating is extremely strong, durable, and can resist stains. Aside from a protective covering, epoxy flooring can also be decorative.

The epoxy resin consists of two parts that will experience a chemical reaction once mixed. Rather than making it dry, the reaction will lead to curing. When the epoxy is cured, the molecules will be hardened, causing it to form an essential linkage and providing the epoxy with more strength.

In contrary to paint, epoxy coating is much thicker. You will often only need one epoxy coat on your garage floor. On the other hand, if you use paint, you will need several coats. The epoxy coating will create a stronger bond to your concrete garage floor. The bond between epoxy and concrete can make your garage floor look smooth. At the same time, cracks can be prevented. Ultimately, the coating can be long-lasting, and you can ensure that your garage floor is always protected.

Although painting a garage floor can make it look nice. However, it cannot provide you with the stain resistance and durability you can only get from epoxy flooring. If you require a long-term solution, then epoxy flooring would be the best option.

Different types of epoxy flooringWhat Are the Different Types of Epoxy Flooring?

  • Granite Epoxy Flooring – This is the best option for a clean, contemporary granite look on your garage floor.
  • Flake Epoxy Flooring – In this option, acrylic flakes or chips in various colors are mixed with the epoxy during the curing process. This can provide your flooring with a more vibrant look.
  • Solid Epoxy Flooring – This option comprises different colors, which is ideal if you simply want a basic epoxy covering for your garage floor.

These epoxy flooring types can provide you with many color options, such as solids, crushed granite, and metallics, making your garage flooring look unique.

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring?

Why should you use epoxy flooring for your garage? It’s because it can provide long-lasting protection to your garage floor. You can easily clean any spills on the floor. Additionally, your garage floor can look nice for years. If you are not convinced, then the following epoxy flooring benefits can surely convince you to give it a try.


Whether living in a dry or humid area, you can assure that epoxy flooring can withstand the harshest weather. The temperature tolerance of epoxy is less than zero degrees and more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also fire-resistant, so you can assure that it is safe to use on the interior and exterior.

By coating the entire surface, you can ensure that epoxy can withstand rain, sun, snow, sand, and temperature fluctuations. Since this is a durable coating, it will protect the concrete underneath regardless of the weather.

durable garage floor coatings boise idahoFloor Aesthetics

You are proud of your home. The interior is flawless, the siding is gleaming, and the yard is pristine. You don’t want your garage to destroy all the efforts that you’ve exerted for your home.

Epoxy floor coating can make your garage floor look clean and fresh. Epoxy coatings come in various finishes, such as granite, metallic, and marbled. There are infinite choices for the color combination. This means you can choose a color that matches to rest of the house.

The best part is that you can immediately apply epoxy to your existing concrete floor. Just make sure that it is clean and that you have prepared it first. It can cover those unsightly deteriorations, imperfections, blemishes, and spills. You will surely love how epoxy flooring can rejuvenate your garage floor.

Superior Strength and Durability

With its exceptional strength and durability, epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for your garage floor. It is a fact that garage floors encounter spills, vehicle traffic, heavy equipment, impacts, and many more. Therefore, if your concrete garage floor does not have epoxy, it can quickly wear and deteriorate.

Epoxy is a tough element that is much stronger than merely concrete. It can withstand extreme impacts without cracking or chipping. Epoxy floors can support large amounts of weight. Epoxy flooring has a tensile strength of 3,000 to 10,000 pounds for every square inch. The tensile strength of epoxy floor coatings varies depending on your needs.

With epoxy flooring, there is no need to worry about damaging your floor, spilling liquids, or dropping items. With its durable coating, it cannot easily get damaged. At the same time, it can withstand your heaviest machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

Less Maintenance

Do you spend a day or more scrubbing or deep cleaning your garage floor? Although some homeowners love cleaning their garage floor, unfortunately, only some have the time to wash those spills and other debris.

Epoxy flooring is much easier to clean and maintain than a bare concrete floor. As time passes, concrete can generate dust and particles, adding to the grime and mess. Applying the epoxy coating will seal your concrete floor so dust and particles can’t escape.

Since epoxy provides a durable and smooth surface, salt and spills will not seep into the epoxy. Everything stays on the surface; therefore, cleaning is much easier. Additionally, epoxy can resist road salt and hazardous chemicals.

Improves Safety

Epoxy flooring can make your garage much safer. Aside from its durability and strength, epoxy is somewhat reflective, which can improve your space’s lighting. Likewise, it can prevent harmful chemicals from seeping into the concrete and is also fire-resistant.

Sometimes cracks on garage floors can cause accidents such as tripping. Epoxy flooring can seal those cracks on your garage floors, preventing accidents. One misconception about epoxy is that most people think it is slippery when wet. But anti-slip additives can be added to epoxy flooring to improve its surface grip.

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